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Hundreds of beautiful templates are available to choose from when you create a free website with us. Just choose one and go online with your website. Plus, you can easily customize the template to suit your individual needs. Change your template whenever you like, without losing your work.

Everyone Can Do It

Technical knowledge or external applications are not required as every feature needed is available online. Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions to make your own free website.

Your Content

Your Website. Your Content.

Whether you need a website for e-commerce, building a portfolio, blogging your passion, or showcasing your business, adding content to your website is made simple and easy with our website builder.

Building Blocks

Add features on your website such as:
Image Galleries, Maps, Guestbook, Contact Form, Calendar, Sitemap, Newsletter Subscription, and so much more.


Custom Domain &
Own E-Mail Addresses

With hPage, you can choose from a variety of international domain names like .com, .net, .info, .org or country-specific domain names like .de or .it.
We will also help you setup your professional e-mail addresses that go with your custom domain name (e.g. yourname@example.com). Best of all, there are no extra charges as the domain name and e-mail addresses are included in your package.


First Class Service for Everyone

At hPage, we believe that great customer service is important. We aim to provide customer satisfaction when you build a free website and we are happy to answer any question regarding your website 24/7. High quality websites are our passion and we want to support you with creating the best ones.


Statistics & Analytics

Always make the best decisions for your website. We provide you with relevant statistics and data that measure the progress of your website.

Visit your personal dashboard and access the latest metrics with nice and easy-to-understand graphics.

Made for Business

We have the features that your business needs:


Rollback content to a previous state by using our revision control tool.


Restore pages that were accidentally deleted.


View the Auditlog to verify any changes made to your website.


Download a complete backup of your website in CSV format in case you want to import your content to another system.

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